eNicola.com > Quote Request > Web Hosting: The Internet (World Wide Web) is a massive collection of websites. All of these websites are hosted on internet computers (also known as web hosting servers) all over the world. Web hosting provides assigned space for you to store your website files, codes, images, graphics etc. If want have a website, you will need to have a web hosting account too. You can get a web hosting account from almost any web design or hosting service (like eNicola.com). When a website is ready to go live to the world on the internet, you or your web designer would post your website files to your web hosting space in order for the world to see your site.

There are 3 main steps to getting a website live on the web, they are 1) Get a domain name, 2) Get a website built, 3) Get a web hosting account. eNicola.com provides many web design, hosting and domain solutions - fill out our web quote form and ask about our '2007 Free domain & hosting offer', and we'll provide you with detailed information.