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In order to get a website up and running on the wonderful world wide web, there are 4 basic steps you'll need to consider, I can help you through the process of any or all of these steps. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like assistance.

Steps to getting a website live and running on the web.

  1. Purchase a Domain Name (i.e. www.yourname.com or www.yourbiz.com). Pick some names for your site and find out which one is available to register. If you would like me to find out for you I can do this free, simply email me the name(s) you're interested in registering and i'll check availability for you.
  2. Design & Create Website. Decide what you want your site to be and get a quote or some suggestions from a web designer (like me). To submit your ideas and request a free quote from me please click here
  3. Get Web Hosting & Email Set Up. Web Hosting is a service that allows you or your web designer to upload and store a site's HTML documents and related files and graphics on a Web server. This makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public on your domain name. Many Hosting services also offer email services for your domain (you@yourdomain.com). At eNicola.com I provide several Web Hosting packages to choose from, normally the BASIC plan is best suited to websites with under 15 pages. It's easy to set up hosting, all you do is login to your register account where you registered your domain name and then you change the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to my hosting server names (which are called ns1.weworkweb.com and ns2.weworkweb.com) If you're not sure what to do, then I can get you set up, create your personalized emails and publish your website for you, all at no extra cost. I offer 2005 free web hosting to all new customers that ask me to work on there website design. To view my web hosting plans click on this link: www.eNicola.com/hosting.html
  4. Submit your site to the search engines for inclusion (google, yahoo, msn etc).

How do I choose a web designer?

If you are in the market for a new website, one of the first things you'll need to do is hire a web designer (like www.eNicola.com). As in any field, there are good web designers and bad web designers. It's of utmost importance that you can determine which is which. Because designers and design studios vary greatly in price, quality and services provided, it can be an overwhelming prospect to find one that fits your needs.


  1. Analyze their portfolio.
    Look at designers that have a website portfolio, make sure they have already built plenty of websites and show them in the portfolio. eNicola.com has been building websites since 1997, you can view eNicola.com's online portfolio here.

  2. Look for experience.
    Ask how long the designer has been in business and if possible, ask for references. Talking with past clients is a great way to find out more about the designer. Were they readily accessible? Flexible? Receptive to their ideas? Did they get the type of website they'd hoped for? eNicola.com has been building websites since 1997, additionally, If you would like to view eNicola.com's references they are available online here.

  3. You should never choose a designer based on price alone. Remember, it's not just about getting a website-- you'll need a website that will actually perform. That old adage really is true-- you often get exactly what you pay for. Typically, designers who are extremely inexpensive lack experience, so they won't have a grasp of good web design techniques such as meta tag building, code enhancing, keyword rich content, layouts that are 'search engine' friendly and so on. There are many details to building a good website and this includes behind the scene code as well as the visual layout of the page. eNicola.com homepage has been tested to be W3 HTML 4.01 Compliant and the keyword density and meta tags have been optimized on the site for search engines. feel free to test the page.

  4. Get it in writing.
    Make sure the design company you chooses clearly outlines the work to be performed, their pricing structure, an agreed-upon deadline, and their terms of service, all before you begin the project. A contract protects both you and the web designer-- it will clearly define what you are paying for and what the designer is expected to do. eNicola.com always provides a professional project overview along with customized quote and agreement before beginning a project.

Choose an experienced web designer, www.eNicola.com!

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