Our referral process....

A participating agency will refer a client, or group of clients, to New Images by completing a Referral Form for each individual that (a) is involved in or has completed an educational, vocational, self-sufficiency or skill-building program, and (b) is willing and able to actively participate in workshops and peer support groups, and (c) is willing to receive free organizational and self-care services, product and advice from volunteers and staff of New Images, and (d) is income eligible. Once New Images is in receipt of Referral Form(s), a staff member or volunteer will be in contact with the participating agency and/or the individual(s) to schedule an initial consultation to determine eligibility, potential obstacles, and services needed. After initial consultation has been completed and eligibility has been determined, client will become a member of the New Images network of support and will begin attending the "Power Building" workshops as scheduled. Peer support groups will be offered and can be attended on a voluntary basis. New Images staff will assist with transportation, as available and on an as needed basis.



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