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What is a link exchange? Well, it's when you agree with another site owner known as a 'partner' to add a link to there site from one of you pages and in return they do the same. This can help site popularity and of course is also used for a few reasons in a search engine optimization campaign. There are 4 main types of Link exchanges.

  1. Direct Reciprocal Link Exchange: This is the most common and simple exchange, where you do a direct swap with another site owner, you place there link to the partner website on your page and in return they put there link to your website on there page.
  2. The 3 Way Link Exchange: This is also a popular method and is better to have than above. A 3 way exchange means you add your site to the link partner site, but you add the link partners site to another site you own, so there are 3 websites involved. The benefit is that you don't look like a simple reciprocal link exchange to the search engines, since some of the engines don't like to count all simple link exchanges.
  3. The 1 Way Link: Very desirable to have, this is where you simply ask a link partner to link to your website, but you do not link back to them. Many pay for this 1 way link, many high ranking sites charge and sometimes it's referred to as a 'sponsored' link.
  4. ROS Link Exchange: Another very desirable exchange, a ROS can be a direct link exchange, a 3 way or a 1 way. ROS means "Run of Site" and this where your link is added to every page of your partners site for maximum link back counts

Of course, it is always good to do exchanges with websites that are relevant to your business industry, and the higher Google PR (page rank) they have the better.

Don't waste your time with link farms, they are bad, try to find other partners/webmasters that also only accept related link exchanges to there business, why? the search engines look at who your are linked from and it can help the robots determine what your site is about so keep it related!

We also provide link management and directory installation and management services for those that are interested in building links to there site, contact us if you are interested in this service or need SEO advice for your site.

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