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Featured Website Design & Development Site: CATS OF STORM MOUNTAIN

Website Design by enicola.com

CATSOFSTORM.COM: Flash Development of Book Site & Marketing Materials

The Cats of Storm Mountain is a adventure Book by McKay Daines. The Publishing Company of the book is located in Washington DC and they contracted me to Design and Development this brand new flash animated and interactive catsofstorm.com website with flash intro and sound. I also performed other tasks for this project which include:

      • Website Design & Development
      • Provided hosting and email management for the catsofstorm project staff
      • Perform server administration and support
      • Developed the marketing flyers for print and magazine
      • Created the order forms
      • Desiged new web and print logo
      • Formatting of book illustrations
      • Ecommerce and shopping cart set up
      • Help preparing book layout for print
      • You can view this site by clicking on the image to the left.

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