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What is a Flexible Stretched Dynamic Expandable "Liquid" Layout Web Design?

"Liquid Design" in the web design industry means that your web page layout width expands and contracts (stretches) when the browser window is minimized or maximized. The alternative to a Liquid webpage is a fixed width webpage which uses fixed tables with a specified pixel width.

web design
web design
FIXED WIDTH (Commonly 800pixels x 600pixels)
Liquid Width (100% Flexible to fill any monitor size)

As you look at your screen now you may perceive it as a fixed medium, at standard resolution, which never changes and everyone else on the web is seeing webpages the same way you are, however this isn't always the case. For web designers the monitor screen does not have fixed width or height because these variables change, at times in unpredictable ways. People might have different monitors screen sizes, different screen resolutions, larger or smaller text view settings, larger or smaller browser buttons, additional toolbars to customize there browsers, different browsers, a Favorites page on the left instead of on top, maybe they have added more toolbars to browser and so on. As you can now imagine, the width and height of the screen is different from user to user. Because of this some website owners prefer a Liquid design over a fixed width design to take advantage of every visitors viewing experience by having a liquid web layout expand and adapt itself to the available space of each visitor viewing area.

Other commonly used names for Liquid Web Design are:

  • Stretch Width Websites
  • Liquid Layout Websites
  • Wide Width Websites
  • Widescreen Websites
  • Stretchy Websites
  • Flexible Width Websites
  • Dynamic Width Websites
  • Stretched Layout Websites
  • Full Width Websites
  • Expandable Widths WebSites
  • Elastic Width Websites
  • Adaptable Width Websites
  • Extendable Layout Web site
  • Jelly Web Layout

Is Liquid Web Layout good for any layout?

In order to make a decision whether liquid web layout design is what you want, factors such as budget, type of content, structure, amount of information must be taken in consideration. Liquid design may be more costly than Fixed width website design because it may take more time and programming to develop and test.

Do you design Liquid Layout (Strechy/Expandable) Websites?

Yes! I can design either fixed width in any size (common is 800x600) or stretchy flexible liquid width websites, if you would like a quote for a specific website project please use the quote form on this page (free, with no obligation).


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