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508 Web Compliant

What is a 508 Compliant webpage?

You can read all about 508 Compliance at the website www.section508.gov. The general meaning for 508 compliance is to have a website that is accessible and readable for everyone including people with disabilities. How does that work you might ask? Well, imagine if someone is blind and they visit your webpage and you have a big graphic stating 'DVD's for sale, click here to buy' within a graphic (.gif or .jpeg). The person with the disability will only be able to scan your actual page text into there accessibility program to be read back to them and will miss you're sale graphic advertisement information completely. Now, If you had a 508 compliant webpage then you would have special alt text within the code of the html to reference what that graphic translates to in text using alt tags making the graphic readable and understood by absolutely anyone with a disability. People with no disabilities won't ever see this code, they will see the page as you would see it. I hope that helps you understand a little of what 508 Compliance is about. It is much more involved than my small explanation so please read more about it by visiting this site: www.section508.gov

508 Compliance Services

I provide 508 compliance testing and recoding services, I can test, review and recode your page to pass the priority 1, 2 & 3 Automatic checkpoints. Please contact me and I will provide you with a free page analysis and quote.





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